Monday 29/06/20

We visited the site at Austerfield and checked both of the domes on the inside (no equipment turned on or shutters moved).

We received a generous donation of a Skywatcher 130M on an EQ2 mount for use during the Educational outreach sessions. I cleaned the surfaces of the photographic dome and Jonny placed the 130M and the EQ2 in one of the cupboards for storing. Both domes looked dry, no damp or leaks and were in good order.

Jonny took the Meade EXT125 to use but realised it was not working, this was returned to Peter for him to check it over in attempts to fix it today (01.07.20).

We have borrowed :
Hyperion Zoom Barlow 2.25x
Tele Vue Visionary 2x Power Mate
Mark III Hyperion Zoom 8-24mm

Rachael W