Monday 09/03/20 - Stargazing

This evening we had 9 children along with 9 adults, from the 7th Doncaster Boys Brigade & Girls association, for an educational outreach session. Unfortunately the sky was completely clouded over and the Moon was not visible. Due to heavy rain, the ground was wet and muddy so it was not possible to do a dome tour.

I opened up the main hall along with Jonny at 6.10pm and set up for the talk. No domes were opened due to heavy rain.

The talk began at 6.30pm

The children enjoyed the session and were very interested and engaged with the activities, as were the adults, who also joined in with some very interesting questions.

The session finished at 7.35 as requested and all visitors were off-site by 7.45.
I swept the hall, locked up and we left around 7.55pm.