Saturday 4.8.18

I opened up at 21:00 in order the check out Geraldine after her wrong behaviour last time.  She booted up normally and went to Jupiter with reasonable accuracy.  She parked in the correct place and generally behaved impeccably.
I waited until 21:30 for the sky to darken, and managed some good captures of Saturn.  I was then joined by John Cox and we put his camera on and he spent time imaging Saturn too.
About 12:00 Mars emerged from behind the trees, and I was able to capture images in colour and in infra-red.  We then put John's camera on and he too obtained images in colour.  Finally John wanted to try to see M31, but was unsuccessful both with Garaldine (focal length far too long) and with the ST80.
Finally parked Geraldine as normal, and closed up at 01:30 leaving John with Rhys in the big dome.