Friday 10/8/2018

I opened up both domes at 10pm, we had a good turn out for the Perseid Meteor Shower (the prime night would be Saturday, however the forecast was not very good), myself, Elaine, Paul, John, Neil, Peter and Rhys. A family visited and we were able to show them Saturn through the visual dome and M31 through the Tak in the big dome, all were suitably impressed and hoped to attend future meetings.

I set up on the Tak to image M33 The Triangulum Galaxy and John was set up on the Meade (Geraldine) in the visual dome for the planets. I also set up my other camera behind the domes pointing south east with a wide angle lens to capture the perseids after John and I witnessed a huge fireball just after 1am. From my images the Perseids seemed the most active towards 3am just as i was finishing. We both left around 3:30am.