Wednesday 2/10/2019

I opened up the large dome around 19:30 and was joined by Rachael and Jonny around 20:00 and then John around 22:30. The forecasts were way off, a lot of cloud early on which did clear by around 22:00 or so and then pleasantly it remained clear until 05:30 when John and I closed up. It had not being forecast to be clear that long, so fortune goes both ways. There was high cloud to the south west that encroached but did not hinder mine or John's targets.

I had a multitude of technical issues (it was one of those nights), mainly PHD2 not wanting to calibrate near the celestial equator, but bizarrely it would calibrate nearish the zenith (IC 1795 which was my target) which is not usually advised. Guiding from then was good and the other technical maladies that I had were irritating but not imaging run ending. Jonny also had problems with PHD2 calibration, although I managed to assist and get it to work for him by applying knowledge gained 30 mins earlier trying to troubleshoot my own setup.

So all in all for me at least I ended up with a lot more data than I had hoped for, although IC 1795 will require significantly more...