Friday 18/10/2019

I gave the presentation to 22 Bassetlaw District Cubs starting at 8pm. At 7:50pm following some rain there was a clear patch of sky so Rhys, Rachael and Jonny took a group into the big dome however it clouded over fairly quickly. I gave the presentation, the group were very well behaved, attentive and I was asked many very good questions.

Rhys had to leave before the end, however upon finishing the presentation it became quite clear so Rachael and Jonny set up the big dome again and we took all of the children out in groups to observe first some double stars and then the Moon which had not long since risen and was clear of cloud. The children and leaders were very impressed. Rachael and Jonny did a great job and it was nice that the Cubs got to use the equipment given what a poor forecast there had been.