Friday 31.08.18

I opened the large dome at 9.00 p.m.,was shortly afterwards joined by Jonathan and a little later by Paul and Elaine.Although not quite night we were able to see M57,the Ring Nebula in Lyra.Later as the sky darkened globular clusters M13 and M92 in Hercules became very clear.We looked at the Owl Cluster , open cluster M34, Albireo and the Andromeda galaxy M31.Elaine demonstrated the Coat Hanger asterism through her binoculars.About 10.00 Paul and Elaine left to allow Jonathan to set up his recently acquired ZWO kit to image the Crescent Nebula.In the meantime we were joined once more by a family of 2 adults and 3 children who were looking forward to seeing the moon through a large telescope.Unfortunately for them the moon had not fully risen but they appeared to be quite content to look at Mars through Geraldine, once she had settled down.They left and I closed the small dome, I trust correctly.I went home about 1.00 a.m. leaving Jonathan to complete his imaging.