General Maintenance on the LX200

Over the last month or so I have been giving the LX200 a general going over.  It hadn't been used for several months (and the dust cover had not been replaced) so needed a general clean, and I ejected a number of hibernating insects.
28 March:  I managed to get the GOTO working but the accuracy was poor.  Fitted a camera and managed to adjust the focus, but I'm concerned the focus lock has been disabled but the focus seems smooth and precise.  Two photos of the Moon, just to prove viability.
30 March:  Graticule illumination is intermittent, so took the Autostar controller home, fitted a replacement LED so now it works as it should.
18 April:  I tried to retrain the drives but was unsuccessful.  I have now had advice from the LX200GPS Yahoo group and know where I was going wrong.  I will repeat that as soon as a suitable opportunity arises.  Then I shall repeat the PEC training and we should be ready to go.  I hope to try for Jupiter in the next few days.