19 April 2018

I powered up the LX200 and the GOTO was way out.  Reset on the Moon and then reset the Park position.  GOTO the Moon was then much better.  Aligned on a suitable star in the south and completed two rounds of PEC training using a guide camera.  The guide log indicated that the RA drive is extremely good.  GOTO Jupiter was about 2 degrees out, so resynced on Jupiter and completed four captures using a DFK camera.  Jupiter was very low in the sky at 16°.  Couldn't use an atmospheric-dispersion corrector as I had omitted to take the adaptor needed to attach it.  However RegiStax can correct the colour registration and an acceptable image resulted.  Three of the Galilean satellites were visible (Europa was occulted at the time), but only Io was close enough to get in the same frame as the planet.
Closed down at 01:30.
Peter Lloyd.